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Design Thinking for New Product Launch

We leveraged the Design Thinking Process for a client that was launching a new toy into the market.

We helped the client create a prototype of their product which they tested in local retailers and online.

They leveraged feedback and insights from the test in their launch which resulted in strong sales. 

Design Thinking for New Not-for-profit

We worked with a new not-for-profit to leverage a Design Thinking process to help them develop more clarity on the population that they would service, and more clarity on the structure of their program offering.

Achieved 99% repayment at a not-for-profit financial services institution

Consulted with a not-for-profit that provided interest free loans.  Developed a process to identify loans that were not being repaid, and a multi-tiered strategy to increase loan repayments.  Through this model, we were able to achieve a 99% repayment rate.

Increased operational effectiveness at a leading not-for-profit

Consulted with the CEO of a leading human rights organization on how to optimize organizational efficiency.  We began by having daily huddles for the team, leveraging a visual management board, and using prioritization models to ensure the teams had greater traction at meeting their many deliverables.

Secured exclusive distribution rights for innovative product

We worked with a client that wanted to launch a new product in North America.  We sourced the product overseas and secured an exclusive distribution agreement with a leading manufacturer.

Helped Local Artist Launch Business

We worked with a local artist that had painted for many years, and finally wanted to share his artwork.  We enabled him to gain attention through developing a media plan. This resulted in positive coverage (including being featured on the front page of a major newspaper), bookings in art shows and increased sales.

Consulted on the Launch of a Health Clinic

We supported a health clinic on the successful launch of their integrative practice.  We provided consulting to the senior leadership team to ensure they had a business and a marketing strategy in place to achieve long term growth.

Developing customer personas for a leading financial institution

A leading financial institution wanted to pinpoint the key “personas” that their marketing team should be catering to.  Held empathy interviews with existing and prospective clients to understand their lives and their relationship to money.  We took a look at the pain points and developed key insights that pinpointed the personas, and used those to drive the marketing strategy.

Worked with a small business to help them prioritize and manage their many deliverables

We worked with a small business that was overwhelmed by tasks, and managing freelancers.

We helped them develop a prioritization model that they could use.

And, we coached them on having daily 15 min "huddles" with their team to ensure they were getting more done. It increased their efficiency and output.

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