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We provide the strategy to help entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses.

Whether you're launching a new product or service-based business OR are looking to improve an existing product or service, Go Blossom Consulting will be happy to work with you to help ensure:

You develop the the best product or service

that customers will love, and be willing to pay for

While minimizing the expenses that you will incur.

We leverage a Design Thinking Strategy

Market Research

Interviewing and observing your prospective clients will help uncover key insights and learnings.  You'll also get a deeper understanding of the problem areas that your product/service will help them solve.  

Examining what direct & in-direct competitors are doing.


Analyze & Define

We'll go through all the insights and learnings from the Market Research stage and hone in on the key components that your product/service needs to address.


At this stage, you'll know a lot about your customers and together we'll brainstorm ideas for your products & services, and also for your marketing messaging.



Create a prototype of the product or service that you would like to test.


Test the prototype to see what works well, and what can be further refined.


The Design Thinking Process works. 

This process is being used in leading-edge start-ups, for technology companies and in corporations.

Go Blossom Consulting has adapted it for small businesses to provide a structured framework to ensure businesses create products and services that their customers love, and are willing to pay for.  While increasing the speed to market, and reducing the financial investment otherwise required. 

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